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why is revolution for cats, so expensive

Some benefits of using Bravecto may include that it is easy to apply, water resistant, and provides long lasting protection. This topical treatment is convenient because it is applied once a month, making it easier for your pet to get a quick dose each month. It does not affect mammals, so it is safe for our pets. It also treats and controls ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms. Love Revolution. It is a newer incarnation of its older predecessor, Revolution for cats. Title says it all! 2000-2023 TheCatSite.com. It can help to send a photo of what youre seeing to your vet to confirm worms are present and get a recommendation on the right type of dewormer. This prevents the parasites from getting a signal from their nerve cells, which causes neuromuscular paralysis and eventual death. display: flex; Because Revolution Plus is a heartworm preventative, it does require a prescription as all heartworm preventatives do. The main ingredient in Revolution products is selamectin. Home & Forums | Furthermore, Bengals are a high-maintenance breed, requiring regular grooming and plenty of exercise. Revolution Plus For Cats: Overview, Dosage & Side Effects. Application is quick and easy and the product should only be applied to a dry animal. So you might be wondering, why are Bengal cats so expensive? In addition, it is easy to apply and comes in a quick-drying solution for mess-free administration. Revolution plus for cats is a great way to prevent these pests from infecting your pet. When already applied prior to flea exposure, Revolution can start killing fleas within six hours, with a majority killed at 12 hours. This would be worth reporting to Zoetis, the manufacturer, as perhaps incidents of hair loss have been reported and they could provide better information on any additional steps to take and what to expect. Revolution should not be used in puppies less than 6 weeks of age or in kittens less than 8 weeks of age. These products typically have a high safety margin, but the principle is still valid and they need to be used according to label. Bathing shortly before application may also reduce its effectiveness. Safe use of Revolution Plus or any topical product for your kitty means always following all instructions on the packaging. How Can You Use Cat Flea Treatment on Dogs? In this article we compare the uses of each one as well its various pros and cons. Advantage II should not be used in puppies less than 7 weeks of age, or kittens less than 8 weeks old. However, this reportedly affects only 4% of cats, so is very rare. Revolution for cats is a topical parasiticide that contains the active ingredient Selamectin. Bengal cats are expensive because they are rarer than most domesticated cat breeds. It can also be used from a slightly younger age (6 weeks in puppies) than Advantage II and is safe to use in lactating and pregnant animals. SPRING SEASON SALE! Read more here. Sarolaner is a member of the isoxazoline class of parasiticides and is effective against fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. Medication Type: Advantage II is available in dog sizes small (3-10 lbs) medium (11-20 lbs), large (21-55 lbs), and extra-large (over 55 lbs). It also prevents parasitic worms like heartworm, roundworm,and hookworm from infecting your dog. It also prevents and treats biting lice, and eliminates hookworms, roundworms, ear mites, and whipworms. Revolution plus for cats kills ticks by attacking the nervous system of these parasites, preventing them from functioning properly. An entomology (bug science) professor from the University of California heavily investigated this question and concluded that while resistance has been seen to some flea treatment or prevention products, true chemical resistance in fleas with fipronil, imidacloprid, and some other newer products on the market has not yet been demonstrated. 4 Reasons Why Siberian Cats Are So Expensive and Highly Coveted. Isoxazolines like sarolaner have been associated with adverse neurologic signs in some pets, including seizures and tremors. This educational content is not veterinary advice and does not replace consultation with a qualified veterinarian. This article aims to look at two popular products Revolution and Advantage II. } Increasing the temperature and humidity in your house can encourage faster hatching as well as the vibrations from hoovering. justify-content: space-between; Like what we have said above, the type of Persian cat, its gender, fur color, age, history and lineage can also contribute to the cost. If the remaining cats are in the proper range for what you have and have the product on, the risk of fleas would at least be lower if one kitty does not. } I am on a limited retirement budget. Whether the Revolution Plus is related or not, many vets will prudently advise to discontinue the product if a pet develops a seizure disorder, since the risk of a pet having seizures who is prone to them will be higher with an isoxazoline drug. At least some of the digestive upset and signs of excessive drooling that may be seen with use of topical products like Revolution Plus may have occurred secondary to cats licking the product off of themselves after application. Should I use Revolution or Advantage II for my pet? Within the last year, researchers at WSU have identified that cats can have the MDR1 genetic mutation (which has been known about in dogs for about 20 years) that renders some cats sensitive to drugs including selamectin with seizures as a possible sign. 3 other doses were given to my other cats and 2 doses divided up between 5 guinea pigs. Prescription Required? My other 3 cats have no issues with it at all. In general, the most expensive Himalayan cat will be a kitten from a reputable breeder that has excellent coloration and optimal health - this could set you back up to $2500. You must log in or register to reply here. 1. Adding Caroliner makes Revolution Plus an ideal 6-in-1 monthly topical solution for cats. I have cat anywhere from 7 to 11 lbs and I don't see the Revolution for their weight. Factor That Makes Them Expensive #2: Gender. I took in a stray cat and have used revolution plus for the past four months. It is also useful in the treatment and control of roundworm and hookworm infections. The following table helps you to see a side-by-side summary of some of the information discussed in the previous sections . Read more Antibiotic & Other Treatments For Eye Infections in Cats. I was given a free sample of this from my Vet. .medication-table .table-row .item{ Despite many tests and. It will protect your pet from fleas, ticks, ear mites, heartworm, and various other parasites for the whole month. Packages should be stored below 86 degrees F (30 degrees C). The product can also be used in younger and smaller animals. The 2017 article Perception vs. I cannot buy single tubes for his weight. Yes Not only does selamectin kill adult fleas, it also prevents flea eggs from hatching. The average cost of a Persian cat is $1300 - $1500 for kittens and $600 - $1800 for adults. } The best course of treatment for your dog depends on what exactly is wrong with them. Simply squeeze the correct amount of Revolution out (depending on your pet's weight) and apply it to the skin just in front of your cat or dog's shoulder blades. Beyond that, it also treats and controls roundworm infections, hookworm infections and ear mite infestations. If your dog requires treatment and control of heartworm, sarcoptic mange or ear mites, Revolution might be the best choice. It is important to get your cat wormed on a regular basis to prevent a number of diseases that can be caused by parasites. They will not cooperate with the vet like we cooperate with a dentist. Any product containing an isoxazoline carries this warning, but I dont think its known how often this occurs. A product containing praziquantel is typically used for tapeworms. When used properly, side effects of Revolution products for cats are uncommon. It's a small brownish-red wingless insect that may shortly multiply . However, one of the most common types of worms we see in cats are tapeworms (which can be seen a couple weeks after an exposure to fleas), which resemble small rice-like segments. It depends on where you live. If this is the case with your dog, then it would be worth speaking to your veterinarian about some of the alternative treatments available. A prescription from your veterinarian is required in order to use Revolution on your cat. The Causes of Cracked Skin and the Best Ways to Treat It, Helpful Tips to Travel Long Distance With A Cat, See Also:How to Get Rid of Fleas on Ferrets (A Step-by-Step Guide), 7 Best Flea Powders for Cats Reviews & Top Picks, 8 Best Mange Treatments for Dogs Reviews & Top Picks. flex-basis: 50%; 6 Minutes Read / The gene that creates the unique color of their coat also makes a genetic mutation that causes them to have a gentle and docile personality. Although many of these people had good results with few side effects for the first few times, many of them said that after 2 or more applications that their pet got sick or perished. It is possible Revolution Plus could be related, but not certain. To get a lethal dose of selamectin or sarolaner, the parasites dont have to bite a treated cat; simply coming in contact with the skin is enough. In a stray cat, the risks can certainly be higher for infectious viral and parasitic causes, as well as previous trauma. Revolution is said to be effective. The last three week she has had two seizures color: #fff; Revolution Spot-On for cats is a multi-spectrum treatment that protects against fleas, heartworms, ear mites, and intestinal worms including roundworms and hookworms. Advantage Multi will do more parasites than over-the-counter Advantage II but you will need a prescription from your veterinarian. There can be many causes for seizures. Products should be used before the expiration on the package. But just to be safe, when selecting a flea/tick product for your kitty, always make sure the product includes a picture of a cat and indicates the product is specifically for cats. However, Persian cats are well-loved, and most purebreds tend to command a higher price. } It works by killing the parasites or preventing them from reproducing. If youve done general labwork and it looked normal, it does rule out several potential causes of seizures, but its not uncommon to see labwork look normal and be no closer to the underlying cause. Expensive, but totally worth it. However, it does require a veterinary prescription to obtain it and it is also usually a bit more costly but then you are getting more protection against a wider array of parasites, so that seems reasonable. Revolution Plus cannot kill tapeworms. Lathargic, not eating depressed sore and limping hiding and its been 3 days since the application. However, the product does not cover tapeworms and should be used in conjunction with a dewormer that does. international journal of business research impact factor. My vet gave me a free sample and it seemed to work for ear mites for about 3 weeks and that was it. This medication works to prevent fleas and ticks as well as treat and control ear mites and sarcoptic mange. The isoxazoline class of drugs has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including tremors, ataxia, and seizures in cats. @media screen and (max-width:480px) { Just remember that whatever anti-parasite product you choose for your pet, ensure you use it regularly and follow the packet instructions to guarantee its effectiveness! This health check can often be done at the same time as routine vaccinations so doesnt necessarily mean a separate trip. Then empty the entire contents of the tube in one spot. So, REVOLUTION PLUS should be given to your cat every month, or at least one month before fleas become active. The average price for Bengal cats is between $600 - $2750 depending on the coat coloration. The other main ingredient is pyriproxyfen which is an insect growth regulator that kills flea eggs and larvae. How long either product lasts kind of depends on where we are in the local flea cycle, during the winter I can go for at least 8 weeks between doses of the Revolution, but during the hight of the summer its more like 3 weeks. About TheCatSite.com. Revolution, for example, demonstrated in clinical trials more than 90% control of flea infestations within 30 days of the first dose. Another [] Why is revolution for cats so expensive Parasites are unpleasant creatures. (I didn't even touch it, my vet gave it too her and I was careful not too touch that area where it was applied). This can help make it easier to control your pets flea problem and save you time and money in the long run. The flea usually found on our pets is Ctenocephalides felis otherwise known as the cat flea. Sarolaner, for example, targets GABA- and glutamate-gated chloride channels in the nervous system of parasites, causing them to die. } Selamectin is a neurotoxin that causes insects such as parasites to become paralyzed, leading to their death. align-items: center; Persian cats are so expensive because the breed is highly coveted and beautiful. Revolution (selamectin) is a safe and simple monthly topical medication used to protect your cat from heartworms, fleas, and ear mites. By Albert. If this was a recent application, it can help to use warm water and dish soap (like Dawn) to gently clean the area and remove any residue on the skin. Scottish Fold Cats are so expensive because they are a unique cat breed whose signature feature is a genetic mutation of folded-down ears on their head. He completed a rotating internship with Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey and now works as a general practitioner in the Washington D.C. area. Yes, if your cat is 10lb, you can use two of the 2.8-5.5 lb doses of Revolution Plus. I Have High PSA Levels: How Do I Find Out If I Have Prostate Cancer? The active ingredient in Revolution is a drug calledselamectin. Fleas, worms, and ticks not only irritate our pets but can also transmit disease. My product says that 90% of cats respond well to it. I can't judge people who choose to use it, especially those in humid areas where fleas are rampant, but Ive decided I won't take the chance. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Cats.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. padding: 15px 15px 15px 25px; One of my cats is allergic to Revolution (minor reaction, just got bald spots) so he's on a different product bow. You should consult the advice of a veterinarian before using it in animals that are elderly, unwell, pregnant, or lactating. In addition, it also prevents flea eggs from hatching. It works against adult fleas but also kills their larvae, pupae, and eggs, helping with the environmental infestation. .medication-table .table-row{ However, it doesnt do any tick protection. width: 115px; Javascript is not currently enabled in your browser. Why Is My Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment? This Spot-on formula for cats is recommended for use in 8 weeks and older kittens and cats. We work to make the world a better place for cats, and we're getting better for you. Read more Can Cats Be Emotional Support Animals? . is there better quality to cost products on the market? Your pet should have a wet coat or be allowed to swim or be shampooed within 2 hours after treatment. Topical liquid solution I wish I could get you a better anwswer, but heres really not much more you can do other than to have the correct dose ranges. Its an easy-to-use product and is a quick-drying formulation that wont rub off on clothes or hair. The is very specific to the nerves of insects though, so it wont cause harm to us or our pets.

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why is revolution for cats, so expensive