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Needless to say there was little talk of building immune systems off the shelf remedies or off patent therapeutic drugs and vitamins. And then after dealing with some publishers trying to get some fictional books published, basically the attitude was, this was in 2005. I walk 30 steps inside to the back ovens. I said, Yes. So and notice whats at the top of the list. So they say you need to wear a mask for our protection. You know the California Health and Safety Code Section 120 225 that uses language that indicates quarantine laws were designed to quarantine an individual or special specific location, not an entire community or organization. We let them get away with it. And the fact of the matter is, Ive said this, with the infiltration of the Chinese students in here in the United States, most people dont come out and say this, but they know my show, I dont give a shit. To mention this, I believe a week or two ago. My question is this. Another guy said, well, you have to put a shield on I said, well, you have a shield for me goes, they sell them in the back. Were gonna say what needs to be said. So what I need is physical therapy for my neck to stop the headache so I can stop the vertigo because of the head injury. Both of those have a link bar at the top itll take you to any part of my Douglas v Gibbs comm site you need to go as for the nonprofit constitution constitution Association comm thats where you can get a PDF copy of the lawsuit against Kamala Harris. There is no such thing as a former CIA officer, vaccine maker Johnson and Johnson, surprise, surprise the finance and biosecurity industries, and Edelman, the worlds leading corporate PR firm, why do you need a corporate PR firm? There. Theyve done it, theyve murdered her ways right into the the European royal families. I havent had a single word sent to me at window. Do you know what the color of law is all about? 1:42:03 They make you aware, when you get up and walk around, I go to the bathroom, I walk out with it. theres going to be more and more people that are going to wake up to this bullshit somehow theyre going to wake up I know many of you look around and you think I dont think some of these people are ever going to wake up. when you dont know john adams said, once liberty is lost, Liberty is lost forever. Khazarian Mafia Video Nuclear Video 11/12/20 76.3K . We work on water filtration systems, make grease traps, and do various inspections. And were in all the and we do our shopping and they stopped me while we were shopping. But thats a lot of people back in the 70s 60s 50 6070. Whats very harsh so a guy like Scott McKay Joe lunch bucket, nobody from nowhere, is very aware that theres 800,000 children per year, every year, year in year out, being taken off the streets, stolen, kidnapped, pumped into a child satanic ritual abuse, sex trafficking, brutal torture sodomy murder machine and car cannibalism machine in this country. I think I mentioned here last week that we are in a state here in Texas where the governor for whatever reason decided he was going to pull back the reins on this insanity. The Brian Ruhe Show. Bear with me. So Im going to bring on Douglas v. Gibbs best selling authors wrote seven books on the subject. 1:30:56 He was previously Managing Editor at the Coshocton Tribune, worked at the Athens Messenger, and began his career as a sports writer and editor before focusing on news. Were not gonna check her out. By the way. But looking back at history, well, lets just see what the future brings. I think it might have been at the end of February they had these negotiations with whoever the head COVID commander is in the disease ranks. So they no Say that again, say that again. And, and I and so I said, Yeah, I dont I guess I was supposed by shield. Theres no statute number. And so we sent a certified letter through a server in Washington DC on February 26. Well, then, then you cant you cant shop on here that and and I said okay, fine. Even after you look at the rest of the world you. It has to be done in numbers. Because if that happens with me, theres no going backwards. Sure enough when I walk in, shes got two pairs of gloves on her hands, two masks and one of those welder shield looking things. Hawks-Nest Studio-B . And its all not good. One of the things that we have got, and you and I always get applause for this, when I talked to groups, is we filed a lawsuit against Kamala Harris for being ineligible for office on December 7. And I was unwilling to bend certainly was gonna break, I was gonna do things on my own terms. Ive got a National Medical. Bank of America injuring her putting her on the ground he showed up with his badge and he was going to use it I assure you if I would have walked over and talk to that lady as a police officer, I assure you I would have talked her peacefully right out of the bank and she would have thought this guys I really liked this guy. But it might be Sal Myers forenza. Shes wearing a mask. Left Wing Loon Nina Jankowicz Launches Crowfunding Effort to Sue FOX News, Shocker: Poll Finds Most Americans Think Media is too Easy on Biden, is Becoming More Biased, Katie Hobbs Refusing to Execute Convicted Murderer Despite Decision of Arizona Supreme Court, PATHETIC: German Chancellor Meets with Joe Biden in White House Doesnt Have the Guts to Rip Biden for Blowing Up the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Germany, 71-Year-Old Man Shoots Back at Armed Robbers in Philly, Emptied His Gun During Shootout. They dont they dont care about this being a Christian founded nation, they dont care about freedom, they care about one thing, power and control nothing more. Yeah, but but she but because shes associated with you. Lets say we brought our founding fathers out right now. We will see you next week. I wish everybody would wear one. They may issue quarantine policy regarding individuals on a case by case basis, but they have no authority to order a county wide shelter in place law. 1:08:56 The other one is especially for the businesses that we know were especially agree egregious when it comes to this is what we do is we same 40 people, but what we do is its one at a time every 30 seconds. Want to share news with us? 150 Studies Proving the Ineffectiveness and Harm of Wearing Masks, read them HERE. 14:58 Boy. short of a police officer coming in. Yes, we are going to make these available for purchase. There are things in play here, theyre going to change this planet on the planet. Madonna, that pharmaceutical company who made one of the companies made a vaccine, hell take you be sure youre in front of a computer because you got to Google Search what he tells you when he tells you go see it with your own eyes. They said, well, Doug, yeah, but then, you know, it affects the healthcare system or doesnt have socialized system, not in an individual, individual individualistic, free market system, it doesnt just in the same way, see their thinking with socialist minds. Why? 1:45:01 Well, Ill let you make those assessments yourself anyways, that is the Patriot Street Fighter Tomahawk. I want to see it on the warrant. So were going to dictate it to you, by the way that comes from john Jacques Rousseau and, 1:30:37 Also, this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. None of your business shall not be infringed. His shoes will be difficult to fill. Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. So you know, and people assessed the danger and then made their own decisions on whether or not to be out on the streets. Theres oftentimes a very distinguished looking crowd, you know, pretty women. So the physical therapy Im not gonna prom, right? I never regretted a mask. And youre considering potential potential health pandemic health issue a pandemic and the plant? Major cabal murder power. For assistance accessing the WTNS FM Online Public File, please contact: Bruce Wallace at (740) 622-1560, For assistance accessing the WTNS AM Online Public File, please contact: Bruce Wallace at (740) 622-1560, Jeremy Scott will become News Director at. 1:21:23 Heres your proof. They were the Bolsheviks at one time, which they still are. Exactly. The original video was banned on YouTube: Anyways, theres a transcript here, but I just walked you through how serious these people Learn how serious the scumbag criminals are. So Ill wait for the police. Just go watch the video. And as much as I knew, I didnt know, jack compared to him, and he sent me the right direction gave me the right things to read. What a novel thought. And yet to see this beauty Ive seen this this this one before, of Australias ANZ bank, one of the authors of Australias oppressive no jab, no pay policy, take the vaccine or youre not getting any money to survive. You just nailed it. I dont care. Because these people in power, the thieves, the thugs, the criminals, the murderers, the drug runners, the pedophiles, the human traffickers, traffickers, these people are the people that are in power, not just in this country, but in the world. Finally, well sit here and wait, the new net proposes a lane open different because we aint moving. 40:38 Im like, okay, I just kept walking, I was gonna go buy one. They said Well, I said, Im not going to be using it. Thats, thats awesome. Really, youre there to protect my rights. Because thats how these people are. 1:12:04 Because the law only allows for adequate isolation in each case, case by case. So by the time the first ones being approached, told they need to put on a mask, the next person is walking in without a mask. No surrender is different. You know whats harsh. almost at a time I do not want to miss repeat one more time the website where they can find you and your work. The government centralizing control, usurping it, taking it from the States, unconstitutionally, were going to talk about that in the next hour. Ken has also been known for this interest in history, and for the past 15 years has been a part-time pastor. Most You know, theres nanoscience in those vaccines that can be activated with 5g technology to do whatever the hell they want to do with you. And during those two weeks, he learned how to shoot. What does that mean? You can get your patriot Street Fighter gear, Ive got my favorite shirt on tonight. 47:21 Okay, thats fine, but you got to wear a mask to go to your appointment. And then were going to talk about the legalities of everything that I just talked about in the first hour, which is this tyrannical, oppressive assault on human rights and individual freedom, the unconstitutional conduct of the scumbag class, and we have an expert coming on to lay this thing out in no uncertain terms. They just keep on lying. Executives through iidx is not a law. 1:50:43 So they turn their tissue, that person I try to tell them before they know it, someone else is watching it, and it keeps happening 40 people every 30 seconds, and eventually, they get overwhelmed and they dont know what to do. 1:04:02 And I mean, I think theyre kind of dumb, but but you know, what? With this murderous faction, we now just learned that the president of Tanzania who publicly outed these tests, these PCP tests of which theyve made trillions of dollars, the same test that they now are saying, openly, the corporates that they dont work, that they have to revise their numbers dont that dont work. Those people are the ones that should be running for positions of influence. thats the harshest thing. And she actually had a mask on. So those two if you just want to learn the Constitution, just basic then those are the two books I recommend. And I draw my favorite. Im standing on this principle you people have masses masks. Its in this document, were going to put an end to this. But somebody that I know, was contacted to try to reach me. Its money. 1:46:38 Dont you love that, quote? Their unprincipled stand is gone. Like the Rockefeller Foundation has done for over 100 years? Anyways, were going to jump into the information that you need. do. for a reason. Im talking about fighting with your voice and standing up letting these people know that you are done with this bullshit you are done. So theres a lot of stuff going on out there folks. Welcome To Revolution Radio. And this time, I hope it doesnt happen. Now, that said, I want to show you how ridiculous this is some guy I told him, I told us guys, I want to tell real quick story about a VA and wont take a moment. So all these projects here, folks described how they would use this viral outbreak to bring this authoritarian system with the loss of our human rights or freedoms. I assured the participants that Gates Foundation is creating algorithms to sift through information on these social media platforms to protect the public from dangerous thoughts and information. But he businesses werent forced to shut down. He also says I also think were at a moment where the social media platforms have to step forward and recognize the moment to assert that theyre a technology platform and a broadcaster is over and not a broadcasters over interesting. Before people have enough its inevitable. From coming to your home or commercial property for a thorough plumbing inspection to making sure that the job is complete, you can be sure that we, at Keagy's Best Price Plumbing, will meet all of your individual requirements in a timely and budget-friendly manner. 1:07:45 1:50:47 maybe it wasnt you. And I said to him, as I say to most all immigrants I ever meet, thank you for coming here. Quote, some governments have taken control of national access to the internet as we know, others are censoring websites and social media content, and a small number have shut down internet access completely, China to prevent the spread of misinformation, penalties have been put in place for spreading harmful falsehoods, including arrests. 3.22.21 The Tipping Point on Revolution Radio Save the Children, 1:51:30 And this is this is what signifies our fight kind of on the back of my native American heritage. As levels of trust fall and people stop cooperating with response efforts. Believe it or not, the Postal Service is so awesome that it took that letter to go across town from February 6 that arrived at the White House on March 6, the president of the Office of the Vice President signed for on the ninth thats when the clock started ticking that she has to respond if she doesnt respond within a certain amount of time. So as we do the research to come up with the right vaccines to help prevent the continuation of this, how do we get the right information out there? They want the money. In other words, pray about it, talk about it, write about it, gather about it, and be activists about it. Thats what these people do. The River has been his home over 14 years and he loves waking you up every morning. And what hes doing is executive orders, executive orders or profitable nations, or this instructions through the executive branch of the government to to carry out the executing the laws of the state or the country, depending on which executive youre talking about. These people will just keep lying even though its on the internet. And I can clearly see that I wasnt meant to be in that environment, because I would have never lasted and I wouldnt have any influence that would do anything any good.

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